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An Isivivana Centre Library Card is a key to the doors of information for yourself and entire family. Your Library Card enables you to become a member of our Social Justice Hub and applying for an Isivivana Centre Library Card is extremely easy. Simply follow the following step below:

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Khayelitsha Residents and surrounding areas

 Isivivana Centre Library cards are free. The Library does NOT charge patrons for Library Cards replacement, however, we encourage our patrons to keep their library cards safe at all times.


Non-resident may apply for a non-resident card which is valid for six months, free and renewable.

How to become a Library Member

Step 1 :

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Applicants are advised to complete one uniform membership form. ???

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Please ensure you have submitted:

  • *a completed membership form,
  • *proof of your address, and
  • *a valid identity document.

Lending rules

Patrons may loan a maximum of seven (7) books and two (2) DVD's. The Library does NOT charge late penalties, however, we encourage our patrons to return their library books on time.

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