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Check back soon! - 16 November 2017

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Check back soon. - 30 November 2017

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Community and stories: a movie house in Khayelitsha

Hello dear visitor or prospective visitor! At the Bertha Movie House we love stories. They help us to organise our thoughts and ideas, our responses and expressions in our societies, and our plans and commitments to change things. Stories happen all over in many different ways, but experiencing them on a big screen in the dark often amplifies our organisation processes.

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Have a look at the films we've screened here in the past:

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Soweto: Times of Wrath

It's been one mad week in South Africa. We had to say final good byes to stalwart and leader in the truest sense of the word, Ahmed Kathrada. While people are sad to see this humble giant move on, our current leaders go ahead and shake things up at strange nightly hours, for reasons that seem to only enrich themselves and their scaly friends. Many people are fed up with empty promises, complicated lies and dirty, crippling corruption. It is under these conspicuous circumstances that we watch Soweto: Times of Wrath together in the BMH.

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