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Soweto: Times of Wrath

Ma' Ivy and others impress on us, and her supportive audience in Kliptown, the passing of time while communities wait for houses that were promised - it's April then it's August, then it's April then it's August... And in our discussion with filmmaker Stanford Gibson after the screening, it strikes us: IT IS APRIL. AGAIN. Still.

Stanford tells us about the the young boy at the start of the film who passionately recites his rights through a narrative of "return" - and then he sits in his shack on the floor and wishes for a house with some space...and a garage. That boy has also passed on, says Stanford. He will never see the house or the South Africa he seemed so sure and spirited about.

An audience member states how it is "normal for a black person to go back to his shack at night to sleep" and how government has failed him and his community. Stanford talks about his segment of the film - and his experiences in Eldorado Park. He wants us to flip our thinking around and be accountable for ourselves.

Stanford's film seems to have forced its way back into our consciousness and consciences. Its themes feels entirely of this week; of right now.

It is April again. Still.

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